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The first two weeks of school have been a lot already! There was so much to do, and I got bad news. Most importantly, the girl I mentioned before is missing again. :-(
Please keep your fingers crossed that she's safe and that this will work out somehow. If she accepts my help at some point, I will do whatever I can.

Just F.Y.I. The first three letters in "assistant" spell "ass", so please get off yours. – Grace (Will & Grace, 1.03)
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I will never be able to tell you everything that happened since I've stopped writing regularly. There was so much going on at work, and some stuff in my private life, too. Here are some of the most important things:
  • One of the girls from my class went missing, she ran away. It was back and forth for a while. I had a suspicion that her parents, especially the mother, were not treating her well (but of course I'm biased). Then she reappeared and confided in me. It was heart-breaking. So I spoke to our social worker, asked a colleague to take over my lesson, informed the principal, and took the girl to the youth welfare office [word?] and had them take her into their custody. She went to a home for a while, and I was the only person outside of those working there and her caseworker. After some time she went back to her family's place, though, because most kids just want that to work. Went missing again, came back again, didn't come back to school. The only info I have at the moment is from an ex-student two years older than "my" girl, who knows her and is trying to help. So far she seems to be alright. I hope she'll be back at school next week.
  • Our principal went from not being great at his job to totally blowing it. He wanted to change some of our school's structure and completely failed at getting any teachers on board. Instead he tried to lull everybody with a speach full of half-truths and mean allegations. In the end, even the colleagues who didn't care about the actual topic were mad at him, and the parents used their votes to support us teachers. He tried a second time and failed again. This is unusual, but so is his way of not planning things and still wanting certain results. He was sulking so much that he didn't even greet me for a week after we had clashed in a conference, and he threatened "personal consequences" on his end, ie relocation to a different school. Good luck with that! So weak.
  • Now that I have stood up to the principal's false claims, I probably don't stand a chance to get any higher position for a loooong time. People started coming to me for advice, though, about what the principal is actually allowed to do to them and what he can't do. The things he said and did to some people ...! My uncle is quitting his job, so his position at the personnel board will be vacant. Colleagues have suggested I go that way. And I might. But that would require visiting other schools sometimes and I don't drive ...
  • My co-tutor is still working at two schools, which is stressful and hardly ever works out and means that I have to do a lot on my own. It's annoying. Plus, he's still not done with his divorce. Ugh.
  • 5 out of 6 weeks of summer holidays are over already! I can never believe how quickly these go by! Sabrina (formerly known as "my favorite trainee teacher", now not a trainee anymore) and I went to the Dominican Republic for two weeks to relax. It could have been a lot more relaxing if it hadn't been for some problems with the hotel, the beach, and our tour operator. But if you want to see some pretty pictures, you can check my Instagram. It's public, so you don't need an account there.
  • I'm having a really hard time getting active again. I still want to sleep a lot and do few things a day, very slowly. I haven't done anything productive this summer, like sort through the mountains of paperwork in my office, install a lamp there, make my balcony look nice, get the rack up in the kitchen, prepare lessons, look into the offers for our last class trip next year ... I did meet friends, though. Still need to take my grandma out for lunch. And invite two friends who helped me.
In other news, I am re-watching Will & Grace to be ready for the relaunch, and I started watching Marvel's The Defenders yesterday. Not as funny as I had hoped it would be.

No real news about men in my life. During the two weeks I spent mainly wearing bikinis, nobody tried anything. Huh. I've been chatting with someone I hardly knew as a student (15 years ago!) since Thursday. He's currently on vacation at a hotel very close to the one we stayed at. It's weird, we talked more in one day than we ever had before. He'll come back this week and then we'll probably meet. I don't think we're a great fit, but some flirting would be nice, for a change.

That's it for today, but I'll try and come back regularly now. No idea when I'll catch up with all your postings, though. Feel free to inform me about or link me to important developments in your lives!

Chief Dodds: What's happening to this country? It's like all of a sudden, people feel free to say all the horrible things they're thinking out loud. No common decency. No filter.
Barba: People have always felt this way. Now they just feel empowered. They have permission.
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