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My mouth goes into gear with absolutely no go-ahead from the brain.

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Birthdate:May 23
Location:Cologne, Germany

Who is Vanita?
Vanita is a teacher in Cologne, Germany. She's living with her tomcat and does not want to live anywhere else, but she loves travelling. She also cannot live without books, tv, music, or sweets.
She has some strong opinions and can be stubborn. But she likes a good discussion and good reasoning. She's empathic and caring, but comes with some baggage.
She likes to help people she cares for, but she does not care for people who cannot accept help.

And she could go on forever, but wouldn't it be more fun to get to know her in her journal?

anime, arrogance, bad kisses, bad parents, bad weather, boredom, britney spears, brutality, bugs, d'dorf, dishonesty, exams, fish, french movies, george w. bush, harry potter, heights, homophobia, hooligans, idiots, ignorance, internet explorer, intolerance, lack of humor, loneliness, lord of the rings, needles, nena, onions, paris hilton, penny markt, pimples, poverty, prejudice, racism, rejection, sex and the city, smoking, spam, spiders, sports, stress, stupidity, thunderstorms, trouble, vanilla coke, war

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